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Basic Training Exhibits Weeks 1-8


By focusing on the career options and opportunities provided by the United States Navy's training process, the museum will facilitate an understanding of not only the quality of the training, but the sophistication of today's graduate. Potential recruits will see the significant role played by today's Sailor and be able to recognize the opportunities available.

Current exhibits on diplay at the Great Lakes Naval Museum

Today's Initial Training Experience Emphasis is on the achievement of high standards. Physical - the physical standards required for shipboard service are acquired with scientifically designed programs. Emotional - the development of teamwork is critical to the role of a shipmate's attitude. Cognitive - coursework is strenuous, schools are accredited, achievement time is significantly less than in the civilian world. Battle Station Exercises - recruits learn to appreciate their newfound ability to react in conflict and battle situations and understand this significant change that is the result of their training experience. Although the technical skills are critical and extensive, Sailors must also be warriors. They must become a part of the Navy Team, capable of carrying out missions, meeting emergencies, and supporting, defending, and caring for each other.

Visitors will gain an appreciation for Naval Service by being able to explore mission and the operational history of the Navy, from the American Revolution and the origins of the U.S. Navy to the War on Terrorism. As well, they will be able to learn of the dedication and accomplishments of the enlisted Sailor as the backbone of the Navy through video products such as "Our Navy's Story". See our multimedia page on this site for short videos about Naval History.

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